Sunday, November 1, 2009

Anthropologie poster process complete!

this is what i did one 1 night. did i sleep? maybe 15 minutes. after my maybe 15 min i had to drive to class to show this poster. yay.

so i added the birds i did and i did not like how they were disappearing into the bg. so....

i added a bg.

here is my line up for birds.

i didnt like the bg.

so i added ink lines on top of the bg. it looked much better. also i added more birds.

just a few more.


close up of hand painted font. i really wish i didnt run out of space for the words. but thats what i get for doing all of this in 1 night.

am i happy with it? hmmmmmmm


so even though my feelings about it is a disappointing "maybe"...i still think it was a good experience since i never work this huge. props to me for "positive thinking".

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Jonathan Chang said...

i think you did awesome!